Now available at Anchan’s: Clean Food Chocolate by CocoMama

Now available at Anchan’s: Clean Food Chocolate by CocoMama

Clean Chocolate Bars by CocoMama


Now available at Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant


It’s with no small amount of pride that we present these wonderful chocolate bars!
Made with love and care by Coconut Mama!!!

Bean to bar, pure, clean, no emulsifiers, soy lecithine or other chemical crap.
Just as nature intended it, and you can taste that!!!

What people are saying about this Chocolate!


You don’t have to take our word for it, just read the recommendations below or ask around.

What flavours do we have available?


4 flavors available:

– Pure 70%
– Mint
– Chilli
– Cacao Nibs

80 grams retail for 170 Thai Baht.

How to store Chocolate bars (in Thailand)?


How to store cacao products?


Please note we are talking about Thailand conditions, not temperate conditions.


First of all: chocolate is for eating, not storing!


But if you must: Chocolate and cacao/cocoa butter should be stored in the fridge.


Cocoa/cacao powder and cocoa/cacao nibs and beans should be stored in dark, dry space tightly enclosed. It can be glass or ceramic jar with a rubber seal.

In these conditions the products will last for at least 2 years.


With love, the Anchan team.
Aye, Buwah, Noi, So.

For reservations at Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant or more information (also on the Chocolate bars), please call Chef Aye Naphat Sarodom on 083 581 1689 or send a message to our page inbox.