Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant in Top 10

Ten Awesome ‘Veggie’ Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Anchan Vegetarian has been included in the TOP 10 of vegetarian / vegan restaurants in Chiang Mai Thailand.

It’s really a grand recognition of the dedication of the entire team  prepare healthy and tasty dishes.

Chef Aye and the Anchan team are so grateful to be included. After 6 years in operation we strongly stand by our initial motto and keep moving forward.

Ok, that’s enough bragging for one post 😉

Congratulations to all the other restaurants mentioned as well.

For us it’s always been about community, not competing. We build towards a better health for our community… together!!!

Read all about it here:

Top 10 Vegan / Vegetarian Restaurants


Every time we visit Chiang Mai, we MUST come to Anchan, too delicious to miss!!!

Chef Adrian Jones

Chef (a real one!)

Many thanks again,


With love, the Anchan team.

Chef Aye, Buwah, Noi, So and New

For reservations or more information, please call Chef Aye Naphat Sarodom on 083 581 1689 or send a message to our page inbox.