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Ever since I started my career as a chef, I have loved introducing people to healthy food, converting even the most stubborn meat eater to a regular vegetarian meal. Whether I cook in private service or for my restaurant, fresh vegetables are at the pinnacle of my cuisine, bringing as much health benefits as possible to the diner, without making any concessions towards taste whatsoever.


Chef Aye

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Listed by PETA Asia amongst 6 vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the top ten ‘Vegan Cities’ in South East Asia!

Our Story

Where It All Began

My cooking style ranges from Central Thai to Southern Thai with Northern Thai cuisine being a more recent, yet ever increasing passion. A passion that was seeded by my maternal grandmother’s kitchen, always bubbling away with some mysterious dish, filled to the brim with at that time unknown ingredients from her own garden. Next to cooking skills she taught me the love for fresh ingredients, home grown where possible, stressing that freshly harvested is always best for taste and nutritional value.

These lessons translate directly in my view on ingredients, a balanced combination of traditional Thai herbal knowledge and modern nutritional research. It is for this reason that we chose a certain list of cooking ingredients to be either avoided or considered as a necessity in the kitchen.

By choosing to buy from small farmers we support the local community as well as preventing them from using pesticides through our personal fair price agreements with them.

Every time we visit Chiang Mai, we MUST come to Anchan, too delicious to miss!!!

Chef Adrian Jones

Chef (actually a famous one)

In the Spotlight

Awards & Recognition

Peta Asia: Listed in Top Ten Vegan Cities


Google Plus Reviews: 4.5/5 *

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What We Offer

Weekly Specials

‘This week we feature Spinach Thai Omelet, so delicious, so healthgiving. Spinach is in full season right now from the Royal Project Farms. Be sure to give it a try.’

Fresh Ingredients

‘Finally the coconut palm heart has become available again on the market, so we made our featured dish of the week with it, a delicious green curry.’

Featured Dish of the Week

Every week one dish gets some extra attention. We provide additional information: e.g. about the cultivation of a special ingredient, the history of the recipe or the origin of the name.

Creative Chefs

Convinced that the SE Asian cuisine is suited par excellence for vegan – vegetarian dishes, a continued effort is made to maintain authentic flavours in traditional dishes.

Authentic Cuisine

Here you can still get authentic dishes, from the Spicy Southern and the Tasty Central Thai style to the Flavourfull Northern Thai style.

Home Made Desserts

Having worked alongside master chef patisiers, we proud ourselves in creating unique and irresistable cakes and exquisite aftermeal delicacies. We dare you to resist.


What People are Saying

Thai FEAST in a Beautiful Vegetarian Kitchen 🍆 “You Won’t Miss the Meat!”

Frittered Banana Blossom: ‘If they have that on that day, you have to order that first’

Joel's Tasty Ride

Food Blogger

“I used to be quite the carnivore and although I knew vegetarian food could be nice, I never considered it a viable option. Until I ate at Anchan’s. Now I can state with confidence that vegetarian food can satisfy the most sturdy meat eater”
Koen Vanhoutte (former T-rex)

“A Great Find”

“All the people around us that took vegan dishes,… it all looked so very yummy “


“Probably the best meal I had in Thailand”

“Food was fucking insane. The Pad Thai was just perfection. The interior was beautiful and the staff was very efficient “


“This is what I needed to get over the most dreadful jetlag, ever.”

“I loved that Massaman Curry with fresh bamboo shoots .”

Nancy, Diary of a Travelling Goldsmith

Anchan serves vegetarian food like you have not tasted before.

The staff is very friendly and knows the meaning of customer service.



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11:30am – 8.00 pm (last order in)


11:30 am – 8:00 pm (last order in)

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or give us a call: +66 83 581 1689

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Drop in and take a seat. We’ll be right with you with this weeks specials!

Nimmanhaeminda Road, Soi Hillside 2 (opposite soi 13), Suthep, Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand