Cashew Nut Thai Salad

Cashew Nut Thai Salad

Cashew Nut Thai Salad

This weeks specialty dish is Cashew Nut Thai Salad. It’s quite an interesting blend of fresh veggies, nuts and herbs.

Naturally, as we value our customers’ opinion, we tried to get some detailed comments on the dish. But to little, and almost, no avail.

Most were too busy eating!!!


Let’s say that sometimes actions speak louder than words 555  Even during lunch!

Eventually, we did get one quote out of our guests.

Brief, clear and very much to the point.

****, this stuff is good!!!!


As you know, we always like to add some extra information about our dishes or ingredients. This short blog is no exception.

Cashew nuts take quite a  surprising bit of effort to harvest and process.

However, we’ll let a self proclaimed Cashew nut ( 😉 ) do the talking:

Mark Wiens.

At Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant we always try to minimise our waste and aim at maximum sustainability. Recently we started using re-usable straws for our cold drinks.

Many thanks for the patrons who have remarked favourably on this. #plasticfree

With love, the Anchan team.
Aye, Buwah, Noi, So.

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