Special & Unique

Variety of weekly dishes, special ingredients, historical use or relevant products.

 Whereas we have a fixed menu, the special dishes are always a reflection of availability of ingredient, seasonal harvest or where our imagination took us 😉


On occasion we will also write a little article on a specific or special ingredient. We may also write about some special product that we believe is in harmony with the values and philosophy of our restaurant.


For more information or reservations, please call Chef Aye Naphat Sarodom at +66 (0)83 581 1689, or send us a Facebook message.

Menu of Week 17

We’re back at it!!!

Repairing damage to some plants after the big storms last week has given us the opportunity to get some more unique little friends. The little 3 colored chillies are surprisingly hot!!! If we can reproduce them, they’ll be available at Anchan soon.

Menu of week 15

Ahh onions, what would we do without them in our kitchen? This is a true daily use ingredient, and can be transformed into some of the most delicious plates of food. Rarely the hero of the dish, mostly in a supporting role… but onion flowers are different… and tasty!!! We feature onion flowers stir fried with black pepper as our dish of the week.

Menu of week 12

Often people think that the use of green papaya is limited to som tum or Papaya Salad. This is certainly not the case, and we demonstrate that this week with a simply delectable Papaya and Egg Stir Fry. Be sure to try it out and expand your Thai food horizon!!!

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